Form field level analytics setup



Has anyone successfully setup form field level tracking with an embedded hubspot form? For example tracking forms with: Hotjar, Mouseflow, VWO form report, clicktale, etc. Maybe even GA events.


This is a hard problem to solve.

The issue is that HubSpot renders the form into the page with JavaScript after the Hotjar (or any others) script has already loaded. In order to use the form field analytics inside Hotjar, the form needs to be on the page when the Hotjar script is loaded - otherwise it can’t find it.

The only way I think you could get around this would be to delay Hotjar from loading on the site until the form finishes rendering. However, this has more negative effects than positive - all of your recordings/heatmap data will be thrown off because of the delay - or the script may not function properly at all.

Basically you really have to wait for Hotjar and these other tools to support tracking forms that are rendered into the page via javascript - hacking something together like this may cause more harm than good.