Form field not appearing in contact information


I'm submitting form data from POSTman and one of the form fields fails to show in the lead data under the Contacts menu.

The field is a dropdown for allowing a lead to describe themselves. I see all other field data represented in the lead data.

What should I check for when expected data is not associated with the lead information?



Hey Joey,

Can you link me to the contact in question? Additionally, what field didn't update properly? Let me know.


Hi Leif,

Here is a test lead, initially submitted on 1-2-19.

The field is "Please choose the option which best describes you.".



Hi Joey,

It looks like that property doesn't exist in your portal period:

Can you try creating a new property and make sure that you map your postman request to it? Also make sure you update the form you're submitting on to have thew new property.


Thanks for the answer, Lief.

If I create a form by pushing it to a portal using a POST command, is there any way to dynamically create a property if it doesn't exist for that portal?


Hi Joey,

So it sounds like you're creating a form via this API:

And then submitting it using:

Upon form submission, HubSpot has mapped the more generic fields you've created to the default HS fields that already existed, but was unable to find a match for the more specific fields. My recommendation would be making sure each field in your form is mapped to an already existing contact property before you start submitting the form.


Sounds good. Thanks for the information!