Form Fields, no slider option



On our soon to launch website we have what we call ‘interactive call-to-actions’. These are tools that have been built to offer a fun, interactive way for visitors to connect with us.

When implemented into the site, the tool needs a correlating form in Hubspot built too, so that the information is stored in the lists created etc. How the CTA works with a form in Hubspot is something I don’t know, the web developer does some magic and it works (if it is crucial for more detail on this, I can post it).

My issue is creating the right type of field in the Hubspot form. One of the tools called ‘the calculator’, mainly uses ‘sliders’ to gather the information. Now! I can’t figure out how to mimic the sliders used in the tool, in Hubspot. There are a few options, but none of them are sliders.

Are you able to tell me what I need to do, so that the information is stored correctly?