Form fields not lined up in HS landing page



I have a form that is not displaying correctly on our HS landing page. I spoke with support, and they recommended I try the forum for help. On this page, the first name and last name fields should be aligned. There are also a few lines in the form that should display 3 fields on one row (military, state, citizen) and they are showing up on separate rows. HS support suggested cloning the stylesheet attached to our landing pages and removing the !important bit from this line of code:
.hs-form fieldset .hs-form-field {

float: none !important; }

But that didn’t help…tried float left as well as specific formatting of form on landing page, smaller font, aligning left, smaller margins and padding, nothing is helping. Any other suggestions out there? I am sending an example of this form correctly displayed on an external site, and the inspect of that first name field. Any help is greatly appreciated.