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@pmanca @dadams Possibilities on hubspot Forms :slight_smile:

We have just released a blog post, that help hub spotters to simplify solutions for hubspot COS Form,

We observed there were challenges made look hubspot forms a tough place to add interactivity, custom form elements, create various complex UI and customization .

Please click below link to experience functionalities that could be achieved using hubspot cos.



I’m confused. This seems like you are showing off your work. I don’t see any code or how-to information. Given the strange hashtags I’m going out on a limb and flagging this as spam.


@Arto_Gilbert, our intent to to help people on hubspot, we got some work around why not to share with people, and hubspotter are messengers, they address almost every other issues, why not to give them some more options, people post stuff form other portal too, like stack overflow. After all collaboration is the base for success, its not my success its, hubspot and community. We are happy to see we solved some thing and able to generate some smiles around, getting their confidence, not loosing out to disappointment and frustration, when we don’t find a way, we have feel this is quite tough platform and some thing that is possible elsewhere. We simply aim to help people to strengthen believe its a platform that we can build and play , to create awesome things. I am bit :disappointed: :: code were all the codes were big we thought it will be big big post, hard to understand, so we thought to put a link. if any comments for help we can help them. with their choice of code