Form Report sent in PDF format instead of HTML


working on a calculator in JQuery.
– Need to send the calculator result in PDF format sent to the customer instead of HTML , is that possible?
– Also I want to enter a conditional clause that if the customer enters additional info in the form like tel number then the full arithmetical data and formula also added into the pdf format and mailed

Is this tweaking w/ PDF possible ?



Hi @Saad

There wouldn’t be a way to do this natively in HubSpot. It would be possible to have data from a form put into HubSpot, and to have HubSpot send an email with a link to a PDF containing the data, but building the PDF is something that would need to happen in another system.

One way to do this would be

  • Use a custom form to collect the visitor’s information, and have that data sent to a platform that can build the PDF and upload it.
  • Use the Forms API to send the data to HubSpot. Include the URL of the uploaded PDF in a custom property
  • Use a workflow triggered from the form submission to email the contact. Use the custom property with the URL of the PDF as a link inside the email.