Form Submission 1000 limit prevents the data being useful


I’m being driven insane by how awful the Hubspot API’s and documentation are at getting at the data your integration generates. This data is being produced by our company but is near possible to use like most other API’s out there.

All we are trying to achieve is a DataFrame of form submissions (logins) by contact ID. Being part of a large organisation means several contacts have hit the 1000 limit, but this data is just thrown away. Why can’t it be stored beyond 1000? Data storage is pretty cheap. Or the forms data be a moving window of 1000, allowing us to store offline and append new data.

We have been told to use the Events API to get around this, yet after creating an Event for measuring logins the documentation makes it near impossible to decipher how you can actually get this data out.

We have had to hack our way around most of the Hubspot documentation to get close to something useful, and this is by far one of the worst 3rd party products I’ve tried to work with.

All we want is our data!


Hi @chrisdoughty1,

It’s generally not advisable to use form submissions to track logins, since (as you’ve seen) it makes it far easier to run into the 1000 submission limit. Form submissions are intended to reflect a conversion of some kind, like marketing offers or blog subscriptions. For those purposes, the 1000 submission limit is generally more than enough.

Regarding events; I would agree that events are likely the best way to track logins in HubSpot. What issues are you running into with events? Are you trying to export events, segment contacts based on number of logins, or something else entirely? It sounds like you’re trying to export them; you can export event reports from the events dashboard, but there’s no way to export all individual events from a portal. It is possible to use list segmentation to export contacts based on various event criteria.I’m happy to help answer questions regarding the HubSpot APIs if you can give me a bit more info on what specifically you’re trying to do.


We need timestamps linked to every form submission and contact ID. Three columns of data, appended to each time an event is fired. The events dashboard isn't as granular as the data we're looking for


Hi @chrisdoughty1,

In that case, you might consider creating custom timeline events using the Timeline API. Using that API, you can create custom event templates with event properties that can be used for list segmentation. 1000 form submissions is a hard limit, so the Timeline API might be the best course of action going forward: