Form-submission data retrieval using API


Hi Hubspot!

We required to retrieve data against form-submission using hubspot API. Like we have option to get form-submission data in CSV which is being sent by hubspot. We can have following possible options:-

  1. Please suggest correct API to retrieve form-submission data.
  2. For now hubspot is sending form-submission data in email thats too on user action. Does hubspot can send CSV on specified path on our server so that we can read CSV file programmatically.

If for any type service we are required to pay separately to hubspot then we can discuss that option as well.


Easier way to get all form submissions
Historical form-submission data available via API?

Hi Folks!

Please follow up. If my query is not mentioned correctly then please mention. I will retry to explain in better way.



Hi @tajinder.singh

We don’t currently have an API to get form submissions, and we don’t have a way to automate the CSV export (it needs to be requested manually). We do have the ability to send notification emails for each form submission, so it would be possible to scrape those emails for the data in the form:

In addition, depending on the data you’re looking for, you could also trigger a webhook for the form submission, which would send you the data for the contact record that filled out the form. The knowledge article linked above also covers sending an email through a workflow, so instead of triggering an email you would trigger a webhook. More details about webhooks can be found here:

Can you tell me more about what you’re looking to do with the form data?


Hi @dadams

To piggy bank on this question: Is an API to get form submissions in the making? We’d like to submit a unique form submission ID that will be stored in other systems (e.g. Google Analytics) as well in order to connect the datasets for more in depth analysis.

How could that be programmatically solved?



Hi @fabio.casutt

This isn’t something that we have any plans for at the moment. Can you share any other details for the type of analysis you’d be looking to do? If you’re looking for the submission ID, that would be in the data you’d get from the Contacts API, in the form submissions data.


Hi @dadams,

Thanks for your reply. We have quite rich interaction and acquisition data within Google Analytics, and would like to connect these interactions to Hubspot Contacts. Our plan is to do this upon form submission and store a unique value in both systems and connect the exported data through that unique key.

I just saw that we can achieve this through requesting the needed properties with the propertyMode=value_and_history added (so I can access all historical values and connect them to a Hubspot User on one side and the appropriate Google Analytics Event on the other side).

Do you see easier solutions for this? Can I access the Submission ID client side in order to send it to Google Analytics?


As this thread is ~ a year old I wanted to jump in and see if there’s been any further developments. I am trying to take the data from hubspot form submissions and utilize it to create tasks in another custom system.

Has anyone successfully utilized @dadams suggestion and scrapped emails for data? It seems like a painful work around to simply retrieve the form submissions here:{hubspot_id}/#{some_token_here}/submissions


I am amazed also that hubspot doesn’t have an API for form submissions and don’t have it in the plan. We have done a work around using the email method, form gets emailed to us, we have our workflow product FlowWright then uses that form to automate the our whole software trial download process.


@Dileepa_Wijayanayake @iamliamc Have you guys seen a solution to this?

I’ve noticed in the recent Hubspot updates that you can get at all the historical Form Submission data via the Huspot App. For example:

However, I can’t see a way to get this same data programmatically.

Have you implemented the email solution suggested to at least get the data on a go-forward basis?


Yeah i have to be honest...this is insane. I can pull in every single event that happens with an email but we can't get any info on form conversions? What is the logic here?


Hi there, just chiming in that we too would love to be able to access historical form submission data via a REST API. Here is our use-case:

We direct many people to landing pages with forms via pay-per-click ad campaigns (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.). We use UTM parameters religiously to keep track of where people are coming from when they land on, and convert on a HubSpot form on our website.

These UTM parameters get nicely stored in the form submission data.

The act of submitting a form is an "event" that we would like to track and relate to other steps in our buyer's journey. Think "How many opps created this month were influenced by form submissions by traffic coming from a LinkedIn Ad?"

There may be hacky-wrokarounds like stamping most recent conversion metrics, etc. or getting form submission data via other methods described above, but we have exhausted many of these workarounds and are hungry for the ability to do deeper analysis.

The data is there. The data is accessible via email and csv. It seems like a short jump to make it accessible via REST API and a big gain for companies like us who are looking to do in-depth analyses.


Just adding another request for form submission data via the API.

We pass all of our data from HubSpot to our data warehouse using FiveTran -- form submission data is a pretty big hole in analysis of marketing activities because this info isn't exposed via the API.


Adding another request to the long chain here. It is extremely important to retrieve form submission data programatically via the API. Conversion events are among the most important activities and those activities often require additional actions. Additionally, reporting on form conversion data is also of paramount concern. Because many individuals do not and should not have access to Hubspot directly, we need to be able to report on this information through external reporting tools. The lack of an API endpoint with form submission data is a major barrier to the automation and dissemination of this information. All other major marketing automation platforms support this functionality and have done so for years. Please prioritize this request to support the needs of customers. Thank you for your help


Indeed... it's like having dinner at 3 star Michelin restaurant with crappy desert.


Yeah, it's true. This is embarassing. Paying thousands of dollars and then it's not possible to retrieve the collected form submissions via API, one of the most important information for a data warehouse.

I wonder why nobody of Hubspot is following this thread. A reliable deadline should be communicated for this urgent issue. Honestly, because of this, I don't recommend Hubspot to my entrepreneurial friends in other companies.



Are there any news from Hubspot regarding this topic?


Hi Hubspot,

Is there any update for this thread! Although, I am really disappointed for the delay you make for every topics. I am humbly requesting you to please response in a minimal time so that developers who using Hubspot don't need to stuck on a certain point. I believe you will consider my request.


Hi right now I've exactly the same problem and I'm trying to solve it by reconstructing the form submissions by considering the form-submissions and the properties histories returned by this API https://developers.hubspot.cosm/docs/methods/contacts/get_recently_updated_contacts.

However I have still some doubts on how to identify each single form submission uniquely.

I mean, the conversion-id inside each form-submission object returned by the over mentioned API can be used as an actual unique key across our "HubSpot subscription" or should be considered unique only together with the specific user (i.e. contact-vid) and/or form (i.e. form-id)?


I feel the ability to access form data via API is imperative.
Why should we have to create a web hook to duplicate the data in the HubSpot databases into our own database? It is our data, not HubSpots. At a previous company I worked at which deployed Salesforce's marketing automation tools, it gave us the ability to get any information out of the system via API.

If I wanted to create an API (web hook) to save the form data, what purpose does posting the form data to HubSpot serve? I may as well post it to my own API. Any marketing intelligence I can pull out of HubSpot I can still get by including their analytics embed, but then the form data is mine to do with as I please and I don't have two different locations of the data being stored.


We also run a giant HD video display (16' wide) and it would be amazing to be able to display metrics or a dashboard showing the number of submissions and other analytics around a form. HubSpot obviously has their own internal API calls as the info can be displayed from their marketing interface.