Form Submission Data


Hi guys,
I am tasked with loading form submission data from hubspot into our system. I understand that there are no apis in the official documentation for loading form submission data,
however I was able to come across the following undocumented api:

Which does have all the form submission data that i require. I am wondering if there is a way to filter by a particular start date (similar to startTimestamp in email events), if you can check with the dev team to see if that parameter is available that would be great. If not (since it isn't officially supported), i understand.

This will help so that when i load form submissions, i don't have to go through leads i have already pulled in for a particular form.

In addition i would highly recommend adding official support for this api in the docs since it is basically a strict requirement for integration with any MAS provider. The fact that marketo does it and you don't makes it hard for us to recommend Hubspot to our customers over your competitors. I hope the team hears that this particular feature would be greatly appreciated, as there are multiple topics across the years related to this request.


Full disclosure i did test startTimestamp and i know it does not work :), I am hoping the feature gets added, or the dev team can point me to an already implemented query param that may do a similar thing.


Hi @derraballi, this is not a possibility with the APIs yet, as you discovered. I do believe that many would benefit from this and that it should be prioritized. Feedback was sent to the product team regarding this some time ago, but I'll ping them again. In the meantime, I highly recommend upvoting here: and commenting with your use-case. Have a great weekend!