Form Submission is blocked while submiting the form



While submitting the form in hubspot I am getting this error
Blocked form submission to '/_hcms/forms/submissions/v3/public/submit/formsnext/multipart/3906991/a5f4fa93-3011-4a50-9823-d872ed881a9e' because the form's frame is sandboxed and the 'allow-forms' permission is not set.

Active resource loading counts reached to a per-frame limit while the tab is in background. Network requests will be delayed until a previous loading finishes, or the tab is foregrounded. See for more details

Even the JS file is linked with the form but I dont know why it's not working


Hi @Abhi, would you be able to send over a page where this form is not working? happy to help but will need this info to proceed


Are you trying submitting the form from the 'preview' page?
In that case, if you are unsing the 'preview with visual options', your browser wil never let you submit since the preview uses an iframe with no permissions allowed for submission.
If you try from the 'preview without visual options' it will work fine.
Hope to help