Form submission source in Workflow



We have 25 different papers which we want a user to download when they submit a form on the page of that particular paper. Previously we used Hubspot Landing pages and this was pretty simple as every landing page had their own download link when form is submitted.

Now we are moving the landing pages to our website and want to use the same hubspot form as an embedded form. Can we get the page name/title from which the form is submitted inside a workflow so that based in that we can send a relevant link in email to the user. We think creating 25 different forms, in 2 languages will be a lot to maintain going ahead so we want to use the source of form submission in the workflow. Is there any solution to this? Or a better way which I may have missed since I am new to Hubspot.



Hi @exa.umair,

One solution could be to add a hidden field to the form, and customize the embed code to set that field to the title of the page the form is embedded on. The following developer doc has details on customizing the form embed code: