Form submission via API causing issues


I’m trying to make the system properly track form submissions on the page and campaign. I’m using a php code hosted on a separate server for form submissions, I’m passing the full value for hs_context from the form to the API, and what I get is, I see the submissions for the form, but not for page. Interestingly enough, the submission data on the form indicates the correct page as Conversion Page, but the Website Page is showing 0 submissions, as well as the campaign report screen. Here are screenshots for all three.

Any help would be appreciated.


@Sergey_Grigoryan In order to associate it you need to include the pageId

I took these excerpts from a similar post here:
You can include the pageId parameter in hs_context to count the submission towards the HubSpot page. The pageId needs to be the content ID of the page you’re working with

The ID should be a number, so “pageId”: 12345

Take a read through here for deeper context on my responses.

Here are the docs for the submit form data endpoint as well.