Form submissions lacking Conversion Page


Can the conversion page be populated if we are only posting via the Hubspot Forms API ?
Ie, if I provide a pageName within the hs_context, should I expect the conversion page to be set to that pageName ? Or will it only work if that pageName matches a Hubspot Landing Page.

I saw that one can also pass in a pageId (which we don’t have, as we aren’t using hubspot landing pages), although this isn’t listed in the documentation:

Currently my form submissions looks like:

Ideally I’d want the conversion page to be set to the first page that the user submitted a form from.



Hi @Michael_Pretti

You’ll need to send both the pageName and pageUrl for that to display the link to the page, but they will not need match a HubSpot page.


I have the following simple PHP code, the conditional statement works fine as other php variables work correctly (see screenshot:, but values under $hs_context don't seem to update conditionally based on Activity journey in the contact record. we have entered correct URL/Page title (as in screenshot), but the "2nd case" doesn't get picked up, so the pageName is always "Business Trial" as in the "1st case", actually both pageName and pageUrl don't get updated conditionally. Is it possible $hs_context needs to be cleared in a special way? What could be the issues?