Form tracking input started


has anyone tried to track when the input started on a specific hubspot form (I have the embed code on a wordpress site)? It should be pretty simple since I have it set up in JS for gravity forms:
$('#gform_id').keypress(function() { // send data to Google analytics that input has started });

It seems to be working perfectly for gravity forms, it's the same html type element - <form...


Hi @lgaz,

You should be able to do something similar with HubSpot forms; you'll want to checkout the HubSpot form markup and consider using the HubSpot form embed code callbacks (see below):


Hi @Derek_Gervais,
I already did, but there is no callback on form input started. I managed to figure out what was happening: the form was loaded after all the JS code we have on our wordpress site (since the forms are rendered through js and not html directly)...


managed to track the form input started event with the hubspot form function: onFormReady