Forms API also let you export entries?



I read much about the Forms API and it is much described about how to import information to Hubspot form.
Is it also possible to export data from a form database over the API?


Hi @patrickhummel,

There isn’t currently a Forms API endpoint to get submissions to a form, but form submissions are easily exportable from the UI (see below). Additionally, form submissions are stored on the corresponding contact record(s), which is accessible via the Contacts API.


Thank you @Derek for the first direction.

We have to manage several invitations for different events, which would make it complicate to export manually. Is there any access over an API to get this table or information?

We saw that a mail could send to an recipient. The problem there: The title of the event (a generated dynamic page) is no link and for returning events we would have to set an event name with an ID or something, to make it really discoverable.

Greets from rainy Switzerland!


I have the same question as Patrick. I’m needing to get form submission entries via api by our ETL tool so that they can be loaded into our RedShift database for reporting. Doing a manual export of all the forms wouldn’t really be feasible since it would be something we’d done at least twice a day and there are around 60 forms currently. Just grabbing the contact records wouldn’t really help since there are contact property fields that are dynamic that would be overwritten with each subsequent form submission. So just grabbing the contact record would only give us the most recent value. It also wouldn’t be connected to the actual form. So I wouldn’t know that: User X submitted Form Y with a value of 123 on date 5/5/15 from page /abc.