Forms API CORS problem



is there a way how to set up on HubSpot portal my domain and allow for it CORS requests?
According to this faq question it is not posssible in order not to expose any authentication.
But form submit does not require any authentication, therefore there is nothing to expose - there are just portal_id and form_guid, which are both publicly available even with regular embedding.
How can I overcome this without creating my own backend server to do 1 simple request that doesn’t require any auth.?

Thank you


Hi @Michal_w4,

It’s not currently possible to make a CORS AJAX request to and HubSpot API, even the forms API. This is a use case the team is hoping to reevaluate in the future. If you have the inclination, I would encourage you to check out the Ideas Forum on the HubSpot Community. There, you can create a post including your use case that product and other customers can see.