Forms API | Custom Hubspot Property for whitepapers




We've recently placed Hubspot forms onto our Wordpress website. We're using one form for 24 different whitepapers and we'd like to have a Hubspot property that dynamically feeds the whitepaper PDF URL when a user submits a form on specific pages via a follow up email. Workflow & emails have been set up. However the PDF URL only displays in the internal notification when a user submits, it does not pull through using the Hubspot property token in the email. What seems to be missing? Or needs to be done?

Thank you!


bump -- Anyone have ideas?


Hi @Jordan_Goodman,

Just to make sure that we're on the same page, is the whitepaper URL being submitted with the form & populating a contact property? I'm not entirely clear on the setup here. If you have some specific examples I could take a look at, I'd be happy to dig in further.


Hi Derek, thanks for the quick reply. I will DM you with links. Thanks again!