Forms API Down?


I was testing 4 form submissions using the API (all going to the same webhook), 3 went through but the 4th did not. I went back and tested the 3 pages that had worked before and they stopped working.

I called support and they directed me here and said it might’ve been caused by some downtime in the API. Is this a possibility? Is there a place for us to check to see if this is the case.


@edgemm-gavin did you get an error for the 4th submission? Did the submission show up in HubSpot at all?


@dadams I did not receive any errors and no new data was shown on HubSpot at all.

That being said…

I’m thinking the issue is with InstaPage (who we are submitting the forms through). When I hit the hook through the browser I receive the submission so there seems to be a disconnect between InstaPage and our script.

I’m working with their support team to see if we can resolve this.