Forms API: High volume of Direct-Traffic




I know you receive a lot of questions regarding Forms API. We’ve are seeing that nearly 40-50% of our traffic is Direct-Traffic, even when they are supposed to be from organic search or referrals.

We have two forms - both carry the Hubspot code. Also, we have Hubspot tracking directly on our web properties. To be clear, we do see original sources for some leads, but not all of them. 50% seems a bit high for direct-traffic.

We do not have any cookie disabling options on our forms.

My front-end team tells me we’ve implemented everything the way your documentation suggests.

Would appreciate if you could throw some light on a probable cause.

Thank you

Too many new users attributed to Direct Traffic

Hi @GVC,

If these are custom forms, are they correctly passing the hs-context parameter upon submission? This parameter includes the hutk cookie value that associates prior tracking activity with the newly created contact.


Hey @Derek_Gervais,

Confirmed, yes we are passing hs-context.

Anything else I can provide to help identify the root cause?


Hi @GVC,

Can you send me the link to an example contact so that I can take a look at the tracking data?


Sure! Will DM you the links


Hey @Derek_Gervais - Sent a DM last evening. Thanks!