Forms API not processing 'email' property



This is technical question about the forms API.

I am using an app for collecting offline form submissions. This app integrates through the HubSpot forms API and can store form submissions offline.

The app works and passes through all contact properties expect the default 'email' contact property. This means when I view form submissions I see 'No contact record' in every form submission and nothing populated in the 'email' contact field.

My assumption is that the app parses the email field from '@' to '%40'. i.e. becomes and HubSpot isn't recognising it as a valid email address and not processing it...?

When the form uploads to hubspot, all the other properties sync correctly, but no email is recorded and no contacts are created. See images below for a visual aid.

email: is the default 'email' contact property that is failing to be passed.
why_did_you_choose_neverworld_: is a custom contact property that is being passed successfully.


(I couldn't post 2 images in a single post)

You can see the form submission includes the custom contact property 'why_did_you_choose_neverworld_' but there is no contact record for the submission which should be populated with the 'email' contact property.

Can anyone provide an insight to why this is happening?



Hi @thunderkin,

You're probably right; it sounds like a formatting/encoding issue. Can you send me a link to the form in HubSpot?


Hi Derek,

Here's a shared copy of the form:

and the form editor (if you can access):


Hi @thunderkin,

Thank you! So based on the raw submission data coming in, it appears that it's not directly a formatting issue, but instead a field naming issue. The email values appear to be included under the offsite_email property, instead of the email property. Can you double check that your form is passing the correct values in the correct fields?