Forms API not sending Source Data


Hi there,

We have implemented the Forms API but continue to see about 40% of new contacts come in as “Offline Sources”. We have the tracking code on all pages and this is an example of the encoded payload that we’re currently sending:



@surahart the example hs_context you have is missing the quotation marks " around the data. Using that data, the encoded request should be:


@dadams I just outputted it to my screen now and it sent: %7B%22hutk%22%3A%226d736dd28c743f4e5b395eec5fd7b987%22%7D

Which is how it has been requested to look, but I am still getting a TON of offline sources with no data. Also weird, I got 100% of source data from 4:43 pm PST to 12:00 am PST on the dot. Then Offline sources came back again.

Please, please, please help me. I don’t know what to do and without this data I can’t really use Hubspot correctly and we have a really expensive enterprise account.

Here is an example of what my sign-up flow looks like right now (Core Signup is the form connected to the Forms API):


@surahart can you send me a link to a specific contact that you’re seeing this with that filled out the form? Are the contacts filling out the form brand new contacts or have they been previously imported?


Hi @dadams ,

I guess what I am saying is that even though we are sending data with every sign-up not everyone is going through the forms API (per the screen shot). If they go through the form, we do get the data. But why are so many not hitting the form?

Here is a contact who went through the form:

Here is one who didn’t:

They both signed up on our website 2 minutes apart here:


Thanks @surahart, I’ll reach out to you directly with more information.