Forms api submission does not honour line breaks



Hi, I am having trouble with the forms api to honour the line breaks.

This is an example:

~ $ curl -X POST \\
      -H 'content-type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded' \
      -d 'livechat_transcript=Agent%3A%20Hello%0AVisitor%3A%20Hi%0AAgent%3A%20Would%20you%20like%20some%20help%0AVisitor%3A%20No%20thanks&'

Have in mind that livechat_transcript is a multi-line property.
The submission creates an entry succesfully, but livechat transcript’s line breaks get removed!

What am I missing here?


Hi @mariosant,

Line breaks will not appear in the raw form submission, but will be preserved on the contact record itself. For example, here is a test form submission that I did this morning:


When viewed from the form submissions page, the text appears to have had the line breaks removed. However from the contact record, we can see that the line breaks are preserved:

Does this match what you’re seeing? Can you check the property on the contact record as well as in the form submission page?


Thank you @Darek_Gervais! Will check this with the colleagues right away.