Forms API submit issue


I’ve trying to send the post to the forms action to subscribe to a form I have. This form only takes an email, but when I check the submissions in the forms dashboard , all request show as “No Contact”.
This is the request im sending to the server
Im getting the hutk from the cookie named “hubspotutk”

“pageName”:“Newsletter footer”

and this request is sent as a Post to this url

.post(‘’, JSON.stringify({ postData }), { headers })
.map(res => {
return res

Im also appending the required header of content-type and length.

headers.append(‘Content-Type’, ‘application/x-www-form-urlencoded’);

Any ideas why this request shows a submission of “No Contact”

Note: hubstop cookie with “x’s” at the end to not show the entire id there



Hi @luisfoundation

The value of the hs_context field will need to be stringified, but the data itself needs to be passed as form encoded data, and not JSON.


I tried encoding and still getting no contact on the submissions. This are the steps im following

Stringify the body data which turns into this :

“{“email”:“”,“hs_context”:{“hutk”:“d811744cf45d676710490167d249a70c”,“ipAddress”:”",“pageUrl”:“http://localhost:3000/#/",“pageName”:"Footer newsletter”}}"

Then im encoding that result with encodeURIComponent which return this :


Is there anything wrong with the encoding or should I encode each of the values individually ?



The format of the data needs to be form-encoded, not JSON, and each value would need to be encoded separately. The general format would need to be:


Only the value of the hs_context field would be stringified JSON, that also needs to be URL encoded:




Thanks it seems to work now