Forms rendering in iFrame, ignores back end setting



Much like this thread: Form renders in iframe regardless of settings

I have a form which refuses to render outside of an iFrame regardless of the setting in the forms back end. I have definitely clicked Publish to push the settings live as I can see a difference in form change when I toggle the switch on & off. I have attached screenshots of this.

The form in question is here:

and the form is on this page:

We have two other environments (e.g where the exact same code functions perfectly so I know this isn't a code issue it's something wrong with Hubspot's form system and I can't work out what it is.

I have logged support queries but nobody has been able to help me or to understand the issue. One support member suggested I stop using the embed code but I need to do this to run code on the formSubmit and formReady callbacks.

Please can we get this looked into ASAP as our lead generation flow is being broken by this.


Hey @MikeyWallis, taking a look at your form, it looks like your settings are set to keep the form in an iframe. You'll want to toggle that unstyled form button on. I think the previous topic on this that I answered was a miscommunication.


Hi Connor

As I mentioned in the bug and indicated in the screenshots toggling the switch on does not do anything. I have toggled it on now and I can still see the form in the iFrame, as per my screenshot.


Hi @MikeyWallis, it appears to be working for me when I take a look at your page:


Hi @Connor_Barley

The forms now appears to be rendering outside of the iFrame. This will allow me to proceed with development.

However, when I go into the dashboard and toggle that switch on & off I see no change in the form, it now stays outside of an iFrame regardless of the toggle. I think its quite clear there are some bugs related to this functionality and the toggle isn't working.


Hi @MikeyWallis, sounds good -- I'll let the product team know. I've noticed intermittent issues with that switch as well and will be sure to get this in front of the right people! Thank you for the feedback!


Thanks, appreciate it.