Forms submitting does not refresh the page anymore


Hi guys,
Has the way forms are submitted when an “inline” message is selected recently been changed?

  • the way it used to work, was that the page refreshed and a GET param was appended, with the value of the form ID.
  • now it seems that the page does not refresh anymore and the data is just submitted via JS

The new solution is more elegant, and in my view, it’s how it should have been implemented long ago, but we stopped seeing two functionalities:

  1. HUBL code in the Thank You message is not evaluated anymore, resulting in chunks of HUBL code displayed textually to the users
  2. Facebook and Google conversions are broken. Again, for the goals that needed a form submission we used to test if the loaded URL had the form ID in it, and now obviously these goals are not firing anymore.

Has anyone experienced this?
Also, HubSpot support team directed me to this forum.


HI @cristi,

Forms displaying an inline thank you haven’t refreshed after submission for some time now. This is the expected browser response to a 204 No Content, which is what HubSpot responds with after an inline thank you form submission. To address your points:

  1. HubL is executed server-side, so you’re correct that without a refresh HubL won’t work. There might be some workarounds, depending on what exactly you’re using the HubL for.
  2. This also depends on your exact setup, but you’d likely be better off using the onFormSubmit callback to trigger any Google/Facebook events (see below).