Forward a to a friend button



Hello Guys,

Is Forward to a friend in email template possible?
I know this an issue before:
But this will just create a mailto link.

What we want is something that could use a custom field (like email, message, etc.) and use that fields for email forwarding. Is this possible?
(Like this



Hi @jmgelogo, no this isn't possible in HubSpot. From your image, it looks like you're looking to have a form that pops up that you could then fill out and have an email automatically sent off from there. This isn't yet possible and to be transparent, this isn't something that the email team is prioritizing at the moment. Thanks and let me know if you have questions.


Thanks for replying to my question.

I'm thinking a workaround for this, I'm not sure if this is possible:

  1. CTA from email that links to landing page with Form as shown in the image.

  2. At the landing page, after the user click the submit button. I'll do a customized redirect via URL using this suggestion (Pass field value to URL parameter)

  3. At the redirect page, I will call the API send email to forward (
    However, I see in the red note: that the API requires the transaction Email Add on
    Should this be purchase first?

Let me know if this is possible. Thanks a lot!


Hi @jmgelogo,

It's a good thought, but I don't think this would work. How would you decide when to trigger the single send email from the front end? You'd need to make some sort of request to your servers to tell the email to fire off from HubSpot, and you'd need to also make a request with form's information to HubSpot. The transactional email add on can cost upwards of $500/month, so it doesn't seem to be worth it to purchase in order to have a forwarding functionality.


Hello @Connor_Barley,

Thanks again for replying.

Single send might not be the option, but is there a email sending API in hubspot that could we use?
Also, does getting the information from the Form not possible? Like what the suggestion here: Pass field value to URL parameter

I'm passing value through url{{contact.your_internal_property_name}}

Then after the redirect, I'll get the data in url parameter via jquery/or javascript, then I'll use the API (if there's any) for forwarding an email.

Let me know if this is possible and the cost of using the email sending API.