FR: Adjustment to adding properties to the `Get all deals` end point



In order to use the Get All Deals API with Power BI in a way that can deploy onto the online service, I need to add the parameters I want in a named array. Unfortunately, it prevents duplicate names so adding multiple properties parameters is a no go.

It'd be super neat if the properties argument(s) could also be provided as a delimited list as well as in individual parameters.



Welcome, @stephlocke.

Thanks for the feedback! I can definitely see the case for including multiple values in the same properties parameter.

I'll record this idea internally, but could you also post a feature request on the HubSpot Community Ideas Forum? If you share a link below, I'll be happy to upvote it.


Being able to do it for many of the endpoints would be very helpful, for instance, I'm just calling the get all companies endpoint with the demo key after using the get company properties endpoint to produce the URL and I get 414 Request-URI Too Large as a result - removing all the duplicated property= strings would make it easier to request a lot of properties.