FTP access limited permissions


I’m looking to FTP into our hosting to add a trusted file into a “.well-known” folder. When I FTP into our domain via the instructions HubSpot provides, I find that I do not have the permissions to create or edit any folders. I am an administrator on the HubSpot account.


Hi @adremali,

What FTP client are you using? Certain FTP clients such as Transmit are unable to create new template directories. Additionally, when creating directories in Design Manager, you are limited to creating directories in the custom/type_of_file/ directory.


I’m using FileZilla on mac. Is there one that will grant access?

How to set up universal links in hubspot for iOS?

Hi @adremali,

FileZilla should work. Can you direct message me with your Hub ID and your email address so I can take a look at the admin settings?


I can’t figure out how to DM but it’s 458194 and adremali@andplus.com


Hi @adremali,

It just clicked for me after working with another forum user; are you trying to create a .well.known folder at the root directory in order to set up universal links? It’s not currently possible to create/add/host folders and files to the root, which prevents the possibility of setting up universal links. Here’s the post on the other topic that I mentioned; if you want to also pop over to the Ideas Forum, you could add your support to the idea: