FTP not showing all the files / folders


I’m using filezilla as my FTP client and it’s been working for months but now it wont show all the folders / files. I have checked via the hubspot design manager that the files still exist and they do. This happens across multiple portals. It shows some folders / files but not all.

/content/templates/custom/blog exists but is empty (when it shouldn’t be).
Some folders are completely missing.
It also shows folders which return: “550 No such directory” when opened.

Any ideas?


I’m having the same issue. This started yesterday afternoon. I am using Transmit 5 to FTP. I haven’t changed any settings, and the log shows a successful connection.

I can FTP into the portal as normal, but opening folders via the FTP client — that show all content in Hubspot Design Manager — do not show files and show as empty when inspecting.


Hi @bnewton103 and @marklopresto,

This is a known issue with FTP connections to the design manager. The product team is actively investigating this issue; I’ll update this topic once I have more information on the resolution.


Hi all,

This issue has been resolved; you should now be able to browse design manager content via your FTP clients. Let me know if you continue to see this issue at all.


Hi @Derek_Gervais,

I’m just confirming the issue is resolved for me. Thanks for the communication.


It was working… but now I’m still missing a folder in /content/templates/custom/page


I changed nothing and it’s back!


@Derek_Gervais this problem has cropped up again.


Four days into not being able to use an important tool in my workflow. Response from Hubspot support was ‘we can see your directory - are you sure you are looking in the file manager?’.
Let me know if this issue is known and if it is being addressed.


Hi @grant_foster,

I’m able to reproduce this in my own portal with templates, but file manager assets are appearing correctly for me. Let me reopen the issue that was previously resolved and see if I can get some more info. Thank you for you patience on this.


Hi Derek,
I think it’s actually an issue with the new version of Transmission. What I did was specify the exact directory in my portal where I wanted to be (even though it wasn’t showing up at all) and I got in and all of my files are there - you just can’t browse to them. Weird.



I have files missing in filezilla that are visible in the design manager. What is the reason for this?

Thank you


Hi @Gareth,

Can you create a new topic with specific details on the portal you're seeing issues with, as well as which assets you're unable to see?

edit: Just kidding, saw your post as I was working my way through the forums. I'll reach out there.