Full Contact's Forms Data History



I will continue to preface my posts by saying I am probably the least technical person on this forum and I my goals are probably different (I am just doing reporting not doing as much API stuff).

One issue my company has had is attempting to make reports in HubSpot that show either all a Contact’s form submissions or all the contacts that have submitted a given form. The reporting features usually just show the most recent form. I can see the most recent form in the Form Submissions Aggregate column of the Contacts table but it does not have the rest of them. I was wondering if there is a table that houses the totality of a contacts form submissions.

Thanks for any help and I apologize in advance for my lack of technical background.


@GuillermoV This sounds like a question more for our support then our developer’s forum. To get all of the form submissions on a contact you could look at the timeline of that contact and filter out by form submissions. I don’t think there is a way to report against just that. You could look into enterprise reporting and setting up an attribution report. Here is a link to our support team for product specific questions/features


@pmanca We have worked with the support team and they have told us that the report we are trying to create is not possible. The way that HubSpot lists the most recent form submitted is the issue. For example, when a person submits more than one form they are removed from the previous one and moved to the most recent one. That makes the report incorrect. We were told there is no real solution to this within HubSpot.

This is why I am wondering if this historical information is stored elsewhere. Thanks!


@GuillermoV there isn’t a way to pull all of the forms, You can see the first conversion, the latest conversion, and the number of forms filled out(but just as a number and not with data).


@pmanca So that data is just deleted? I guess I am confused. How can I see all the forms a contact submitted but not all the contacts that submitted a form? Is the information then moved to the Contact table?


@GuillermoV You can view all the contacts that submitted on a form in the forms tool

you can view all the forms a contact submitted in the contact time line.


Ok great! This helps for most of what we want but it doesn’t quite fit all of our needs - e.g. one table with all forms and all contacts attending. Is there any table that houses this information? So we can make custom reports.


@GuillermoV There is no table that it is stored in that you can use for reporting purposes.