Full Extract of Contact Property History?


I'm trying to figure out a way to extract and stand up a local table with the Property History for all contacts.

I will need an initial load of ALL data, but then thereafter get daily incremental extracts so that I have all the changes applied to any property for every contact.

Is there any way to do this?

I looked at the Get All Contacts API, but that apparently does not include many of the properties nor any property history for the contacts.

Any solution out there?


David Martin


Hi all, I am helping David on the mentioned issue and will just like to input my thoughts too!

We are trying to find out whether there is a way to provide the retrieval of all contacts within his portal. The current API seems to be limited to 100 records only, would there be any workaround that David can employ? David is looking to get a direct feed from an active table, and then set up a daily delta feed thereafter. Kind of like a responsive table that updates itself everyday.


Hi @RevDrFever and @Jason_HubSpot,

The 'Get all contacts' endpoint is the method you want; the results are paginated, so it will return a maximum of 100 contacts per request. Making additional requests using the vid-offset parameter will allow you to pull the next 100, and so on until you've pulled them all. Since you also want the property history, you'll want to include the propertyMode parameter set to value_and_history, which will include the value and all the historical values.