fullPage.js in HubSpot


I’d like to implement Alvaro Trigo’s fullPage.js in a HubSpot website template. AFAIK, it’s perfectly possible in a Custom HTML module, but can it be done in a more modular way? I’ve tried to assign the “fullpage” id and “section” classes to a “group” and “rich text” modules (the latter being direct children of the former), but it seems that fullPage doesn’t scroll beyond the first “section”. I’m guessing, that it’s due to the fact that the “section” elements are not the direct children of the “fullpage” elements in the final HubSpot output, because of the extra elements that HubSpot adds. Is there a way to make a child module a direct child of the parent module in the output HTML?


If you use a ‘flexible column’ you can wrap the entire flexible column in the #fullpage id div.
Next you will have to alter ‘var SECTION_DEFAULT_SEL = ‘.section’;’ in the fullPage.js file, and change it to the classname that hubspot wrappes each module in.


@Kenneth @pmanca It not mandatory to only use ‘flexible column’, you can use it easily, just you need to wrap the modules, and use class that mark each of them as separate section. We can help you with a demo, to see how its done.