GatsbyJS - setPath


Hi there,

For my showcase I'm using GatsbyJS.

I used the function setPath to update user page view as the page changement is handled by React.

Question: On page update, should I see in Network Google Console a new line ? ( I see it only once when I load the page.

How to be sure that my installation of Hubspot is well installed ?


Hi @Robin_Herzog This method should do the trick: as it looks like you have so far, though that path should just update the page path - it won't inherently track the page view. You have to then call this function: Per the Set Page Path document:

"After using this function to update the path, you will need to call the trackPageView function to track the view of the current page."



Looks page are well tracked but the meta title is not taken into account.

My visitors went on different pages but the meta title stay the same. Not on every page, but for the first one yes.



I did a console.log(document.title) before and after the trackPageView. The correct title is shown.