GDPR consent via forms API?



Now all our client forms have the new GDPR checkbox added, we are updating our custom forms that submit via the API, adding checkboxes with similar text to the default HS options.

Can the GDPR options / consent by updated/submitted through the forms API?


I have exactly the same question. I've tried looking through the v2 API documentation for form submissions but haven't found a solution.

The v3 AJAX endpoint has a mandatory consent payload so is this something that's only available in the version 3 of the API?

At the moment we are thinking about using the still experimental AJAX endpoint or embedding the form via the scripts.


Hi all,

@tlaak you're correct, the new AJAX Form Submission endpoint supports updating consent information. For custom forms that need to pass consent information, you should use the v3 AJAX endpoint:


Hey @Derek_Gervais, do you know when the API will be finalized?


@Derek_Gervais - we are urgently trying to use this endpoint - but we cannot get the subscription type ID for the 'HubSpot default subscription type' - it is not returned by the emails API - which the docs point you to to retrieve this ID. We get the others, just not this one.

Please advise.