GDPR Cookie Banner Coding Issues



Our developer is using a system called cookiebot to add banners to our client's pages so we're GDPR compliant. He is unable to add the code needed to turn on the cookiebot to our Hubspot websites because of popups. Can you please help us identify how we can access our website's code?



Hi @The_Wells,

I'm not familiar with cookiebot, but you shouldn't have issues adding custom code to a HubSpot website. Can you give me some more details on what exactly is preventing the cookiebot code from executing correctly?


Hello Derek,

Our coder is having issues accessing Hubspot's code to add what we need in order for cookiebot to function properly. His comment was he is unable to find the header or footer code because of "pop-ups." Does this information help?



Hi @The_Wells,

Unfortunately that doesn't really narrow the issue down that much. Could you send me a link to the page in question?