GDPR Opt-in Email addresses



We are trying to integrate our app with marketing opt-in options. These options have to then update our Hubspot mailing list.
We have found how we can easily make people opt-out of things, however, we are finding it difficult to understand if we can update hubspot with new contacts via the API.
Also, if someone opts-out, and then updates their preferences so they want to opt-in again, is this possible and how?

Confusion arising from statement below in documentation:
"Note: It is only possible to opt email addresses OUT of all emails or a specific email subscription type, and there is NO UNDO for this operation"



I also need an answer to this question.

I raised a similar question 20 days ago GDPR: Consent using subscription API but haven't got a satisfactory answer yet.

Could a hubspotter please get back to us?


Hi all,

To start, I'm not able to speak specifically to compliance; it's important to touch base with your own legal counsel for that. That said, I can provide some resources regarding the functionality of the HubSpot APIs:

Here is an FAQ doc regarding the hs_legal_basis contact property, which allows you to collect, track, and store lawful basis of processing via contract, legitimate interest, and/or consent for your HubSpot contacts.

Regarding the Email API: It's not possible to opt a contact into subscription types via this API. HubSpot is currently working on the ability to collect opt in consent via the API; updates on this front will be posted to the GDPR Product Roadmap page (see below). This doesn't mean that the Email API will allow opted-out contacts to be opted-in; more likely, the Forms API will be updated to accept consent to communicate info.

To collect contact opt-in/opt-out info, you can also send contacts to the subscription management page, where they can update their subscription preferences:


Hi @Derek_Gervais

Thanks for your reply, by "subscription management page" do you mean the page that results from the bottom of emails sent out via Hubspot?

We've been told previously there's no way to generate the URL to that page, and the only way there is to ask users to find an email we've previously sent them and ask them to find the link there. Ideally, we'd like to have a link on our own site's account management page that says something like "Click here to manage your email subscriptions" and link off to that page. Is this possible?



That was previously the case, but now you can create a static link to a contact's subscription management page. Check out the note at the bottom of the Knowledge Base article below:


Hi @Derek_Gervais

I can only seem to generate a static link to the simple unsubscribe page; the one which unsubscribes a user from all lists without allowing them to pick and choose.

Is it possible to generate a static link to the page like the one below? If so, how?



Sorry for the confusion here; it's currently only possible to generate a static link to the simple unsubscribe page, since the full subscription manage requires identifying info on the contact in order to pull their subscription info. I can touch base with the team regarding a static link to a full subscription management page, but as far as I know it's not something we're planning at the moment.