GDPR tick box issue


I have a form which is built in Gravity Forms in a multistage form, and i'm using a plugin to push the data from the form to Hubspot when its sent. The form itself works fine, The only issue seems to be the 2 Notice and Consent / Legitimate Interest (GDPR) fields, which aren't populating when the user ticks the boxes on the form.

So my thoughts are 2 fold. One would be to try to get hubspot to know that if you tick those boxes then they populate the GDPR bits, I also just to make sure that the boxes are working, I added 2 tickbox fields within the actual form for these 2 fields, and I have tested them and I know that they work from sending the data.

The other option would be to export the form from Hubspot, but I only get the option to export the I would need to export the , which doesn't seem to be an option.

Any help would be great :slight_smile:


Hi @chrismitchell,

To clarify, are you seeing GDPR checkboxes on a Gravity form failing to update the relevant properties in HubSpot?

If so, this sounds like an issue with the plugin rather than the HubSpot Forms API. What is the plugin? Have you contacted its creators?