Get a limited set of contact properties of a contact in a list via API


Hi there,

I am currently using “Get recently updated and created contacts” API to get the latest contacts. I see that the API response (in JSON) contains too much information which is hard for me to filter out.Is it possible to include properties such as “Firstname”, "Lastname, “Email address”, “Phone number”, “Company name”, “VID of contact”, “Contact Created Date” and “Contact last updated date” as the only properties in the response JSON and exclude the other properties?

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Hi @subeesh.babu

There isn’t a way to only get the data in the "properties" field in the response, so you’ll always get the other fields (like identity-profiles and form-submissions), but you can include specific properties by adding the property= parameter to the URL. You can include that parameter multiple times to get multiple specified properties.


Hi @subeesh.babu

In my case I was only interested to get address property only and filter out all other properties. Following parameter set allowed me to get expected response. You may try that