Get all associated deals with contact


I'm trying to get a list of all associated deals with a contact vid which when seen through HubSpot shows 2 deals but when I try to get them through the API, I only get the oldest of them.

endpoint used: deals/v1/deal/associated/contact/{$vid}/paged
no extra parameters.

any ideas?


Welcome, @joablen!

Happy to help. Would you share your Hub ID and the vid you are querying?


sure, no problem.
portalId is 3217982,
contact vid is 5301

this should return two deal ids: 430857411 and 128834233
which are the two shown in the contact profile but I'm only getting the second deal id over the API


Thanks, @joablen, but I'm only seeing deal 128834233 in the UI:


Where are you seeing deal 430857411 on the contact record?


Hi @Isaac_Takushi , I just asked around the office and it seems that somebody in the sales team removed the second deal after I posted the first message so what you saw was correct. If I find another case like this I'll report back here


Sounds good, @joablen!