Get All Companies By Property


I wonder if it is possible to make an Get Request to the Api with a condition.
For example to get all companies with the zip 01234.
It won't work to filter the companies afterwards, because of getting everytime all ten thousends of reports will be too much data.
So it would be great if there is any possibility to add a condition to the request.


Hi @Mo_yz, there's no functionality like that which exists with the Companies API. The only type of filtering is searching for a company by domain. I am happy to pass along this feedback to the team for you, and you should certainly create an Idea in our Ideas Forum which I'll happily upvote. The method to get the companies of interest to you is to make a GET request to all companies, then do the filtering on your end to grab only the companies that have the correct zip code.

One possible workaround is if you have access to the Lists tool, you can create a dynamic list of contacts that have the correct zip code, use the get contacts in a list endpoint, then loop through all the vids and use theCRM Associations API to find the Companies associated with those contacts. That said, this might not really work since the company zip doesn't always equal the contact zip of course.