Get All Contact with Property not behaving properly


I started out by using the contacts property end point to get a list of properties that are ‘hubspotDefined’ of TRUE.

Then I made the request below and got the response thereafter. What I don’t get (could be my misunderstanding) is why these system properties are not part of the returned record?

{“contacts”:[{“addedAt”:1447082253070,“vid”:1,“canonical-vid”:1,“merged-vids”:[],“portal-id”:PID,“is-contact”:true,“profile-token”:“PROFILE TOKEN”,“profile-url”:“PROFILE URL”,“properties”:{“firstname”:{“value”:“FIRST NAME”},“lastmodifieddate”:{“value”:“1480998833958”},“company”:{“value”:“HubSpot”},“lastname”:{“value”:“LAST NAME”}},“form-submissions”:[],“identity-profiles”:[{“vid”:1,“saved-at-timestamp”:1447082252896,“deleted-changed-timestamp”:0,“identities”:[{“type”:“EMAIL”,“value”:“EMAIL”,“timestamp”:1447082252818},{“type”:“LEAD_GUID”,“value”:“GUID”,“timestamp”:1447082252893}]}],“merge-audits”:[]}],“has-more”:true,“vid-offset”:1}

**I masked out some of the sensitive values for confidentiality


Hi @Olumide_Adebayo

Is the example URL you have in this post correct? The example you have has &propertyproperty= for each of the parameters instead of just &property=

Also, keep in mind that only populated properties will be returned, even if specified in the URL, so just as an example contacts without a ipaddress would not have that property in the response, even if you request it in the URL.


oh my! you’re right…i think I need to take a little break from this :slight_smile:

one final question on this trend… in the result, after fixing the propertyproperty issue

inside ‘property’, I see this:

outside property, I see this:

which is the correct one that indicates when the contact was added?


The createdate property is the time that the contact was created. The addedAt value has a different meaning depending on the records you’re pulling. When pulling all records, the value will be close to the createdate (though it may not match exactly), when pulling recently updated or created records, it will be when the record was updated, and when pulling contacts in a list, it will be the time the records joined the list.