Get all contacts in a worflow


Is there a way to get all contacts in a workflow without webhooks?


Hi @reneed,

There isn’t currently an endpoint to get the contacts enrolled in a workflow, but you can create a smart list of contacts enrolled in a workflow in-app. You can also take the opposite approach and get a contacts current workflow enrollments:


Hi @Derek_Gervais

I am trying to get either all contacts in a workflow or all the workflows a contact is present in? I have been hitting Current enrollment | Workflows API of hubspot through postman but not getting any results back. I have the vid of a contact and hubspot api key as well and using basic auth for authorization but I get blank array in response. Also, the response status is 200. Can you help with this please?


Hi @joshiru,

Can you give me the full request you're making? That endpoint is supposed to give you the workflows that a contact is currently enrolled in.


Hi @joshiru,

I'm sorry I wasn't entirely clear; can you also send me your Hub ID so that I can take a look?


Hi @joshiru,

Thanks for that info! I went ahead and jumped into your portal to take a look at the contact with the vid 2060001, and it appears that they're not currently a member of any workflows. That endpoint will return a blank array if the contact isn't active in any workflows.