Get all email performance in one query


I see there’s a way to get email performance (clicks, opens, etc.) for one email at a time (

But I need to get all email performance (ideally within a set time period). Is there an endpoint for this?


Hi @jonmrich

This isn’t something we support right now, as the counters data can only be retrieved for individual campaigns, and it’s going to be the total counts for those events and not for a specified time. Can you tell me more about what you’d want to use that data for?


I’d like to be able to view the performance of all my campaigns in a single table using some BI tools (Klipfolio in this case), but it would require getting these counts to populate a table. Seems like this would be basic data output, as it is for every other ESP that I’ve ever worked with.



Any updates on this issue, Hubspot? An API endpoint to grab all data in one or a few queries should be high on the agenda. Creating external dashboards is very difficult and time consuming with the current API.

Managers are not interested in logging into a dozen of service (Hubspot, Google Analytics, Facebook Insight, Twitter Analytics, Adwords, Youtube, Salesforce, Linkedin…) just to get an overview over the marketing performance. Data must available via API’s to visualize with BI tools like Klipfolio or Qlik.


@dadams - any updates or info?


Hi Hubspotters,

Any updates regarding this API feature request?

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