Get all of the tables defined for a portal - permissions issue


Using developer accout, get table API<xxxx...> is not working. Following is the error:
{"status":"error","message":"This hapikey does not have proper permissions! (requires all of [hubdb-read])"...


Welcome, @ram_papineni!

Happy to help. What is the Hub ID of the account from which you are attempting to pull tables?


My Hub ID is 5197547




i see the following:

Your user account does not have access to HubDB. Please contact your account administrator to adjust your permission settings.


Hey, @ram_papineni.

Thanks for sharing your Hub ID. Account 5197547 is a developer account, so it actually doesn't have access to any of the normal tools. You must first create a test account here by following these steps.

You can then create a HubDB table in the test account and retrieve it by using your test account's API key (instead of the developer account API key).