Get (ALL) Recently Created Companies?


How do I get a list with all companies and not as a pre-defined offset(=20)?



@HenrikJanningJuul The offset is an optional parameter. Try it without the offset. Here is a link to the documentation. The top line states. Returns a list of all companies sorted by the date the companies were created. So I would just drop the offset then.


Thanx - but, if I leave out the offset parameter the method only returns max 20 results!?



@HenrikJanningJuul You are correct. We don’t have the functionality you are looking for at this time. I just tried to receive more then 20 contacts myself and reached the same limit(20) as you while leaving the offset parameter off the GET call. We don’t want to generate payloads that are too large so you just need to make multiple calls and paginate the data.


@HenrikJanningJuul, you’ll likely encounter this when you log in next, but wanted to highlight it specifically as it pertains to the endpoint you’re enquiring about.

Please see the update to our ‘recently modified’ endpoints here :: Upcoming changes to /recent endpoints for companies and deals. The changes mean that as of the end of October, these endpoints will only return records created or modified in the last 30 days. Currently all records are returned in order of last modified / create date, via pagination using the aforementioned offset parameters.

It may make sense for you to the new ‘get all companies’ endpoint which will be live soon, depending on your use case. Let us know how you go and if we can be of further assistance.


I am using a Hubspot recommended software called ScribeOnline to “get” all company data and funnel it to a SQL Server. I am unable to get all all records because the API is looking at Last Modified or Create Date. Is there a way to simply get all records?
Is it possible to create a workflow or something what will update a field or update the last_modified date?



Hi @Brent_Perez

As Karl previously mentioned, we do have a new endpoint that would pull all company records, but it would be separate from getting recently created or updated records, since those endpoints are limited to 10k records: