Get all the deals of specific Dealstag




I need to fetch the all the deals with only return of particular deal stage.
I need to pass the deals stage in the api of all deal get url how can I do that?
Like I need the only list of that deals that is to be of specific one deal stage.
I need to known the api is available for that or not.


Can I select deals filtered by their dealstage?

You would have to make a call to the get all deals endpoint and ask for the dealstage property. Once you have all of the results back you would then have to parse through those results and filter for the deal stage. Here is an example call


Ok got it thanks for your reply.

But still if api directly provide me the filter dealstage deals than it would be more fatser for all which use this API
You should include the filter option in the deals API.



@Dipesh I appreciate the feedback, I will pass it along to our API dev team