Get all VID of contacts



it is possible to get all VID from all my contacts (> 500k) without spending my 40k calls to the api?


Hi @developez,

You’ll need to use the ‘Get all contacts’ endpoint to pull all of the contacts in your portal and store the vids. This endpoint returns up to 100 contacts at a time, so you should be able to get all of the contacts in your portal in 5000 API calls.


Hi Derek

I did it that way but at 120 calls, I canceled my process, apparently the service detected me as a DOS attack (errno.ECONNRESET Connection reset by peer)

I’m doing the request every 1 sec, you think I should give more delay time?


Hi @developez,

The service limits are 40k API calls per day, and no more than 10 requests per second. You shouldn’t run into any DDoS limits so long as you’re within those guidelines. Maybe double check any retry logic you have built? Occasionally integrators find that retrying failed requests isn’t subject to the rate limits they set for their initial requests.