Get all workflows of a contact



I am developing a integration of hupspot into our system.
I want to have a List of all workflows a contact is member of.
In the hubspot frontend I created a contact and a workflow and I added the workflow to the contacts workflow memberships. (
It is possible to get the contact over the API (/contacts/v1/contact/vid/1301/profile) and it was also successful to get the list of workflows (/automation/v3/workflows) but if i use the endpoint (/automation/v2/workflows/enrollments/contacts/1301) it just returns an empty array.

Does anybody know whats the problem here?


Hi @tobias_encore_io,

Was the contacts currently active in the workflow at the time you requested the contact's workflow enrollments? That endpoint doesn't return past enrollments, only active ones.


Hi Derek,

thanks for your answer. You are right, the workflows, i have designed started automatically when I added the contact. Now I tried to design a workflow, that starts at a date in future and added the contact manually. This workflow is now available via /automation/v2/workflows/enrollments/contacts/1301.

Is there any other way to get all the workflows of a user? In our app I want to display such a list like the one in the HubSpot front end. The HubSpot front end shows a list with all workflows, also the active ones.


Hi @tobias_encore_io,

It's not currently possible to get a list of workflows that a contact was previously enrolled in via the API; it's currently only possible to pull workflows that the contact is active in. I can totally see the use case for that, though; If you have the inclination, I would encourage you to check out the Ideas Forum on the HubSpot Community.