Get available meeting (engagement) times




Looking into Engagement (meeting) hubspot integration. Currently I noticed that there is no endpoint for retrieving available times. Is there a workaround to use for this ?

Furthermore, I noticed that there is no way of filtering out engagements on the api side. Meaning that in order for me to retrieve just meetings I need to filter out the other types.

Would appreciate any work arounds and or directions.



Hi @Karo, that's correct, there isn't a way to pull down that info from our APIs. This seems like a reasonable thing to want access to , so if you have the inclination, I'd recommend posting in our Ideas forum. There's also not a current way to GET only specific types of engagements without getting all engagements. You'll need to paginate through all engagements (or recent engagements), then do the filtering on your end, unfortunately.