Get Back New or Existing Contact Info From Form Submission


We currently use the Form Submissions API to receive web leads from a vendor. Upon submission of the Forms API, the vendor would like to know if the form submission resulted in a Contact being created or if the new form submission was appended to an existing contact. I can't see how to get this data from the actual forms submission API response? Is there a path to get there? Can we use something in the response, or in the data we submit to the API, to find the record and determine this information?


Hi @Derek_McCallum, there's nothing in the response body that I know of that would indicate if a contact was simply updated or newly created. I think the most reliable way to check this would be to make your POST request, then a subsequent GET request to the get contact by vid or email endpoint, and checking the createdate property. This obviously would increase your API calls, but shouldn't be too costly calls-wise if your form submissions are reasonable each day.


Thanks @Connor_Barley! That is the backup plan I had if there wasn't a better option. Essentially do a get/lookup after the API hit to find the record and then see if the createdate property was in the past or equal to the current day (or close to datetime of first API hit). Thanks!